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Ransomware: How to Survive an Attack

Ransomware — the term comes from “ransom” and “software” — is a type of computer virus that prevents users from accessing their systems until a sum of money is paid. Cyber-criminals implant this malicious virus into emails, websites and applications, that we unknowingly activate. It is often disguised as an HTML link or attachment. Once…
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Dealing with a Water-Damaged Hard Drive

During the cold South African winter months we are often reminded just how small we truly are when the heavens open up and the rain comes plummeting down. Due to the massive storms, we often experience the overflowing of river banks that then force the water to rush down towards the houses, destroying just about…
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Tips to Prevent Data Loss

We live in a world where just about everything is stored digitally, from photo albums to important documents, people’s contact information to important dates. With such monumental amounts of data containing vital aspects of our lives being stored, there is no denying that when data loss does take place, it leaves us curled up in…
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