Thank you for choosing DataFirst Digital Solutions to recover your data, but first things first, let’s make sure you get it to us safely and in one piece.


What you need to do…

  • Download the diagnostic/info form here (Print it out and fill it in, as much as is possible)
  • Make sure the form is inside the box/package you’re sending us
  • Package the media correctly (see below)
  • And for extra safety, print out our ‘Fragile stickers’ here

How to pack your damaged media

  • Before handling or moving computers (parts, HDD, media devices etc.), make sure you expel the built-up static you may have accumulated, by touching a grounded metal object.
  • Remove the damaged media carefully, if you cannot separate it due to fire damage or obstructions, courier the whole thing (it may cost a little extra to ship but it’s safer than damaging the media beyond recovery)
  • The older the drive, the more care you need to take when handling it. You can prevent potentially permanent damage by being careful.
  • Packaging the media is the most important part, if you still have the original packaging then that is preferable
  • If you don’t have any of the original packaging, ensure you wrap the media in an anti-static bag (see if your local computer shop has one or try a regional distributor) and a fairly strong box that can withstand a road-trip.
  • We recommend a minimum of 5cm cushioning (foam, bubblewrap or newspaper) between the media or item and the box.
  • If you’re sending us a unit (laptop, notebook, desktop etc.) then even greater care needs to be taken when packaging these. Do as before but make sure to have at least 10-15cm cushioning around the unit.
  • Label the package clearly with “FRAGILE” (Need stickers? Download our Free Fragile Labels)